Agenda Las Vegas Reels in New Brands and Features a Heavy Dose of Streetwear’s Roots

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 26, 2014
This past week, Agenda completed its biannual tour around the country with a three-day showing at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. With fellow Modern Assembly shows (capsule), Liberty Fairs and MRket among others sharing the massive convention center, bu...

Streetsnaps: Larry Robertson at Agenda Las Vegas

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 25, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada at Agenda

Streetsnaps: DJ SOSUPERSAM at Agenda Las Vegas

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 24, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada at Agenda

Streetsnaps: Chris Love at Agenda Las Vegas

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 22, 2014
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada at Agenda

Agenda New York: The Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Shows

VideosComments ⋅ Aug 13, 2014
Following our coverage of Agenda Long Beach, we’re back with more Do’s and Don’ts, this time from the trade show’s East Coast showing in New York City. Here, the likes of Matix’s Gabe Clement, jeffstaple, Ron Bass and Ma...

Agenda Long Beach: The Do’s and Don’ts of Tradeshows

VideosComments ⋅ Aug 8, 2014
With Agenda Las Vegas fast approaching in about two weeks, we take a look back on July’s event in Long Beach where Andy Netkin, Greg Rivera, Bobby Hundreds, jeffstaple, Mega and many others drew on their years of experience to offer advice on h...

#OnFeet at Agenda New York Summer 2014

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 3, 2014
As we follow Agenda’s trade show circuit this summer, we took a long look at some of the sneaker choices across each show. Following up on Long Beach’s #OnFeet, next up is New York. An eclectic mix on show, some of the highlights were the...

Agenda New York 2014 Summer Recap

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 1, 2014
A shift to a bigger venue – the Jacob Javits Center – was the obvious change between this and the last time Agenda rolled into New York. Below the surface though, was an undercurrent of excitement. As new burgeoning brands were eager to showcase thei...

#OnFeet at Agenda Long Beach Summer 2014

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 15, 2014
As Agenda season attracts streetwear’s best and boldest this summer, here we examine the footwear of Long Beach’s stylish attendees for another edition of #OnFeet. As to be expected, the staple releases from adidas Originals were out in f...

Agenda Trade Show Kicks Off Its Summer Circuit with a Successful Long Beach Show

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 15, 2014
As per usual Agenda kicks off the start of trade show season in Long Beach City, making this their largest show thus far in Agenda’s 11-year history this past July 10th and 11th. With the Long Beach Convention Center chock full of beautiful wom...

Awards: Best of Agenda Las Vegas

VideosComments ⋅ Mar 6, 2014
The Agenda show never disappoints and this spring’s stop in Las Vegas was no exception as we had the opportunity to preview HUF’s Fall/Winter 2014 footwear, catch up with Dr. Romanelli and Jei Morris, and even set up our own Modernica-fur...

Agenda x FILA Capsule Collection Lookbook by Van Styles

StyleComments ⋅ Feb 28, 2014
Originally released in honor of this month’s trade show in Las Vegas, the Agenda x FILA 2014 capsule collection is further highlighted thanks to a new lookbook shot by photographer Van Styles. Modeled by Brittany Nichole Lucas, the limited edit...

East or West: What Makes Agenda New York Unique

VideosComments ⋅ Feb 26, 2014
Multiple feet of snow, bitter wind chills and purported colder attitudes aren’t exactly reasons to vacation in New York in the dead of January. In an industry that feverishly clings to its sense of fun-loving and freedom, Agenda’s Las Veg...

Beyond the Racks: Agenda Las Vegas 2014 Recap

StyleComments ⋅ Feb 26, 2014
A month after having to brace the harsh New York winter, Agenda made its third and final showing of the season in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Whereas New York’s frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall kept attendees indoors, the clear blue skies and mode...

#OnFeet at Agenda Las Vegas 2014

StyleComments ⋅ Feb 21, 2014
Following last week’s coverage of a couple pairs of featured feet at Agenda New York, we’re back with a couple more from Agenda Las Vegas. Kicking off the Winter 2014 season, the trade show was held from February 17-19 at several venues i...