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Hey HB fam, with all this talk about college finals, I'm a senior in high school and i have no idea what I want to be doing in the future. Nothing sparks my interest, and I don't excel in anything, but I'm willing to put in my best efforts. Help a fam out, I don't want to be ballin, I just want to live comfortably with a family of 4 or so in the future. Could anyone recommend a career path? 
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computer science
December 9, 2013 @ 04:52 AM
Mr. Freeze

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history education. plan on being a history teacher.

honestly, you have to do with what you got a passion in. i always say to people that are unsure about their career that an event will one day happen to you that will make you wanna be something.

for me, i found out i wanted to become a history major when one day, there was a sub and we didnt have to do shit. but unconsciously i was reading my history book from the beginning to the end. thats when I knew i had my passion.

I have a friend who went on a Christian mission trip to africa (i believe Kenya) and he saw all the doctors and nurses helping the sick. That made him become a nurse.

Like I said, you dont really choose your passion. Your passion chooses you. (corny i know. but true)
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elementary teacher
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I honestly thought about being a teacher, but I heard the pay is so shit it just drew me away from it. I want to wake up to something I enjoy doing, but I want to live comfortably.
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IT, every business needs IT.
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You're still very young with a lot of life ahead of you. Keep in mind that your major (whatever it may be) is not your lifelong title. It will just produce a fancy resume when you're thrown into the dog-eat-dog world of working. Don't stress too much about what's to come. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Go with the flow, enjoy your youth and more will be revealed. If you were 30 and asking these questions then it might be deemed plausible but let's be real, you're 17-18. By no means am I suggesting that you should be out partying away your later teenage years and early 20's but just stay open minded and keep an eye open in regards to what could turn over into something you will enjoy doing. Stay meeting people. Networking is huge if you think you'll lack direction.
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You say you don't want to be ballin' but you want to live comfortably. Think about your parents and how they live. Are they comfortable? If so, then ask them how much they make a year, that way you have a base and know how much money it takes to live that way. If you/they aren't living comfortable then you know you're going to have to make more money. Once you know that look into jobs/careers that can supply you the life you want.

You say you're in high school, but nothing sparks your interest. Thats cool man don't trip. Are you planning on applying to colleges and universities? If you are and don't know what you want to do, you might just end up dropping out. Maybe take a class or two at a local CC.

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Flynt Flossy

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elementary teacher
if i may ask, what inspired you to want to become a elementary teacher
December 9, 2013 @ 06:09 AM
D. Rose

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Actuarial Science 


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Pick something you think you'll like, you can always change your major too

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Philosophy since you like asking about your life.
December 9, 2013 @ 07:29 AM
It's Only Hype

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I honestly thought about being a teacher, but I heard the pay is so shit it just drew me away from it. I want to wake up to something I enjoy doing, but I want to live comfortably.
Idk how much the pay is, but they prob get decent/nice benefits and of course summer vacation cool
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elementary teacher
if i may ask, what inspired you to want to become a elementary teacher
I'm going into something else but I know all of my high school teachers lived comfortable lives.  It's probably the area that I'm in but most of my teachers lived in upper class neighborhoods even though they taught at a regular public school.  I knew the son of a couple that taught at my school and their house was pretty ballin (2 stories with a basement, lots of space, nice neighborhood)

edit: this is the same thing for my elementary teachers, if you were married you lived nice
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I'm a creative, materialistic person who likes to try and indirectly manipulate people... so I chose advertising lol

Part of me wishes I would have gone for marine biology, but I'm sure my image of that is glamorized. Idk seems like most people I know don't give two shits about whether an octopus is a blue ringed octopus or mimic octopus, to them it's just a creature with eight legs, where as I'll look up what makes that octopus so unique, where it lives, etc. I'll catch myself going on binges of oceanic wikipedia page reading and stuff like that


December 9, 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Olive C

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You should do some career assessment tests that you can probably get from your guidance counselor, or, if you guidance counselor sucks like mine did, I'm sure you can find some of those online now. The trick is not just to choose a path of study that will result in a high paying job, but to choose something that you will actually WANT to spend all your time Learning and studying and doing, at least during your college years. In the US, your degree subject is not so important, because you can get a job in something else afterwards. The piece of paper is your key to the door of employement. But in Europe, the field of study is very important, as its quite difficult to get hired in another field (for example you major in History, its hard to get into Marketing and vice versa). But in the states...just get the paper. Study something you love. Find out what that is by looking at what you have,  your books, magazines, your interests. Interesting and well paid careers can include: commercial airline pilot, any kind of scientist (you start earning well when you are doing your post-doctorate research), engineer... Do you like art? film? music? computers? writing? Even if your area of interest isn't something that seems like it could be a job, you can always become a college professor in that field, such as like Poetry for example. Don't underestimate anything. My advice is enroll in school as a Liberal Arts major, and then change majors later on if you find something you love. If you don't, just get that as a degree. Its general enough that you could do lots of different things afterwards.
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IT, every business needs IT.
True, but there's so many people that know IT. You need to be REALLY good in a particular field of it to actually land a good job, otherwise the horde of self taught IT nerds with minor education can do what you do for cheaper.
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A major sometimes doesn't mean you will follow that path in life. If you get a 4 year degree, you have more options than some and can get your foot in the door.

To choose a major, look at all the things you are good at in life and look at the majors and courses taught and see what fits your personality/interest.

Don't badmind me.

December 9, 2013 @ 06:37 PM
Malachi Shockley

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It's a tough decision man, but when it comes down to it, people major in all sorts of shit they never use at their job. Personally I am a communications major, so it leaves my opportunities pretty broad, because I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

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Don't become a teacher unless you really love teaching.  Otherwise you'll just be a part of the problem and you'll be another teacher that hate their job, hates kids, hates parents, hates their salary, and ruins a generations education. 

IT is good, but you can self teach. Don't really need college.  

My boy said getting a degree in mathematics is money because you can get in anywhere. 

But yeah, right now, engineering and computer fields are good money and they're hiring at a pretty stable rate.  

Also, before you commit to college, make sure that your field actually requires a degree.  A lot of fields don't even require degrees and you could pour money down the drain/acquire a ton of debt for no reason.

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