January 5, 2011 @ 08:01 PM

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not worth it bro
minus well go pick up some wookie jordans... jus sayin
January 5, 2011 @ 08:51 PM

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No sir..like Diyhai says, the packaging is crazy though.
January 6, 2011 @ 02:04 AM

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I recognize the Gucci and Goyard inspired one, what is the blue one supposed to bite off from?
January 6, 2011 @ 08:41 AM

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January 11, 2011 @ 12:44 AM

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January 14, 2011 @ 09:25 PM

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naw dont do it vans should even be worth that much>sad
January 24, 2011 @ 03:57 AM

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January 24, 2011 @ 04:14 AM

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January 28, 2011 @ 04:06 AM

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thats a lot considering there base is vans... vans to me should never be more then 100
January 28, 2011 @ 11:35 PM

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them gucci ones look dope.

i'd drop $145 on them.
January 29, 2011 @ 03:10 AM

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Here you go


black 1s are dope as hell
March 16, 2011 @ 04:48 PM

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i rather get some vans
March 16, 2011 @ 08:24 PM

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Dude those are ugly as f*&^, tisa isn't all that.
March 18, 2011 @ 03:18 AM

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lol no. dont thats an impluse buy for u. alot of impluse buys are regrettable.
March 18, 2011 @ 02:22 PM

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Do it, wear them once, then get lold at for eternity by everybody and their mom.
March 19, 2011 @ 11:29 AM

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yea go for it
March 21, 2011 @ 06:01 AM

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i don't think any pair of vans are worth that much.... even the supreme x ones
March 24, 2011 @ 12:28 PM

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Naw. Not worth it to me.
March 24, 2011 @ 09:53 PM

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In my opinion, yes, for the "gucci looking" color way at least.


March 25, 2011 @ 12:00 AM

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Uhmmm why not? Its like someone asking should I pay 200 dollars for a pair of SB's. Its your choice.
April 7, 2011 @ 05:04 PM

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those are ugly as hell.. why don't you just get a regular pair of authentics or eras? you are paying that extra 70 dollars for the hype
April 9, 2011 @ 01:46 AM

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Fuck no i would not
April 9, 2011 @ 12:19 PM

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April 22, 2011 @ 03:08 PM

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Tisa is all hype unless you get it for a good deal, otherwise....in this case it isn't.
June 23, 2011 @ 01:59 PM

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TI$A is lame as hell, when I first saw those snapbacks I was like WTF? and then when I found of the price tag I was like WTF?!!! People only buy them cuz they wanna show off that they have money, but there's better things you could buy with that money.
June 23, 2011 @ 05:44 PM

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these are only worth anything because theyre ti$a
June 23, 2011 @ 07:41 PM

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Nah, don't look worth it..sicker vans out there.
June 25, 2011 @ 03:29 AM

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pass pass pass
June 25, 2011 @ 06:15 PM
Jens Voigt

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June 27, 2011 @ 06:29 PM

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lamesauce, hell no

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