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Adrian Fun

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My own brand, FUN TIME! http://haveafuntime.org/

FUN TIME www.haveafuntime.org www.facebook.com/funfunfuntime

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Check us out at www.bmaclothing.com we're a rising brand based out of Chicago.
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148 Townsend ST. Suite 8
San Francisco, CA 94107
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Alphyn Industries Inc. is an apparel company specializing in the design and manufacturing of apparel products and accessories which combine communication technologies and high tech fabrics and materials into highly utilitarian and fashionable smart garments for the commercial and professional markets. 

Our goal is to help our customers enjoy the full potential of 21st century technologies by creating garments and products that serve multiple functions and address daily necessities. We want to make our interaction with our surroundings a little easier and significantly safer. In time, we hope to make Alphyn the worlds most innovative, technologically advanced, œsmart apparel provider. 

In summary, we strive to provide revolutionary new wearable technology, while at the same time providing fashionable styling. Our current line consists of denim, jackets, tees and gloves, with many more ideas on the horizon. 


Delta415 Wearcom Jeans

Website Link

Soma-1 Wearcom Pullover

Website Link

PADX-1 LEDGE Pullover

Website Link

RGen V1 Long V-Neck

Website Link

3M Reflective Logo Classic Tee

Website Link

Smart Tee with Wearcom Technology

Website Link

Wearcom Touchscreen Gloves

Website Link

At first glance some of these may look outlandish, possibly foolish. But consider the following....

How many people are searching their pockets for their phones right now?

How many people need to stand up from seated position to take their phones out of their jeans?

How many people people get their cellphones stolen from their hands daily while using public transportation?


All comments welcome

Read more: http://solecollector.com/forums/SNOWBOARDERS-SKIERS-CHECK-OUT-our-new-AD-ALPHYN-INDUSTRIES-wearthefuture/92:7:1130312/?flag=2&cache#ixzz2HcH1jLZr

ALPHYN INDUSTRIES WWW.ALPHYNIND.COM 415.259.4008 Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter

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My own brand, FUN TIME! http://haveafuntime.org/

best i've seen this whole thread.
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Some of the Items that i'm dropping for my brand January 25th! What do you think? NOlogic Apparel


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We're going to be releasing some new product in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on the site!

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Instagram: set_store #stayset www.setstore.co.uk

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Some nice brands


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best clothing co

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Lux Vie De Luxe

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Preview of Lux Vie De Luxe Spring'13 
Visit our Website/Blog at www.LuxVieDeLuxe.com
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at LuxVieDeLuxe

Nothing But Excellence. www.LuxVieDeLuxe.com

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We At Missinghype Feel Like There Are So Many Dope Brands Out There That People Just Don't Know About.We Have Discovered Quite A Few Brands Outside The Typical "Obey" , "Diamond Supply" , Etc With A Couple Clicks Of The Mouse. We Started This Website With The Intention Of Shedding Some Light On Those Brands That Are Missing That Hype .One Of The Greatest Feelings In The World Is Creating Something And Having People Appreciate It ,  I Hope To Use This Site As An Avenue For That Appreciation . If You Would Like Your Brand Featured On Missinghype.com Drop Us An Email At Missinghype@gmail.com

To Have Your Brand Featured On Missinghype.com Shoot Us An Email At Missinghype@gmail.com

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We're a new and upcoming brand that is releasing our first tee of 2013 on Monday, 1/28. The Tropical T-Shirt turned out amazing. Check it out below, let us know what you think and stop by WASHEDAWAYLA.com on Monday to pick yours up!

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My brand WOLVES DEN just got on Kazbah. check it out


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Manhattan Motives

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Location: Seoul, South Korea

Few updates..

Inside leather patches

These are our backpack handles before they are sewn on. 100% natural double-layered leather so its extremely sturdy! There are no logo prints anywhere on the bags except the handle where IISE is hand stamped.

Behind the scenes production shot! All of our bags are handmade in a small workshop in Seoul by people who have been in the industry for over 30 years.

Detailed shot of our straps before they are connected to our M2 & Daypack models. We love the ash black color and how textured and random the patterns are for each and every strap.

Another behind the scenes shot from our lookbook shoot. Traditional Korean architecture is so inspirational. The details you can find on the roofs, doors, and walls are all amazing.

Army of IISE daypacks ready to take over. 

Production is now officially finished, few more days to our release!

Support us by liking our Facebook Page!

ii-se.co Instagram: @iiseSEOUL Search "iise" on Facebook and like the page to support!

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To Our Extended Family-It is my pleasure to announce the release of our second limited-run tee, TEE02: Dreamcatcher.

Crafted with the utmost pride in New York City, TEE02 focuses on the Dream construct and our ability to filter the positive energy from the negative in order to be our absolute best. ROCKWOOD URBAN is about upward mobility; The advancement of our present selves to our prime form. TEE02, like our first release is more than an article of clothing. It's a message, a call to progression.

3 parts fine combed cotton, 2 parts polyester jersey // IKB-shaded dye on a black slim fit tee.

Pre-Orders will begin to be accepted on February 11 @ NOON EST >>> http://www.rockwood-urban.com/ <<<
For all inquiries contact@rockwood-urban.com


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No Flaws, Simply Fashion. Instagram: @flawlesslifestyle Website: http://flawlesslifestyleco.bigcartel.com

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son of autumn

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Profound Aesthetic

Brand: Profound Aesthetic www.profoundco.com My IG: @nabilzaidi

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son of autumn

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Brand: Profound Aesthetic www.profoundco.com My IG: @nabilzaidi

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                                                   The brand for city people who love nature!

www.stillwild.co / online store that celebrates nature!

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few of these are seriously dope.. i might cop from a few of these brands..


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