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How much are the fees if I order from their website? Is there any additional fees when the postman arrives at the door?
October 30, 2010 @ 01:25 PM

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Few things to consider when ordering from the US.

Fees will depend on:
-the total value of the goods
-what shipping courier is used
-where the item is made (if in the US, then it's usually tax and duty free)

Typically with any purchase made from the US to Vancouver, you'll have to pay hst and duty for the goods and a brokerage fee upon receiving the package. Brokerage is a fee that the shipping company charges to clear the goods across customs on your behalf. Fedex and UPS are known for outrageously high brokerage fees, which I avoid. I prefer postal mail like USPS, which is a bit cheaper.

I use this tool to give me estimates when buying online.

good luck
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just drop by gastown, you'll find a bit of huf
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just order away
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go to livestock

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