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  • Image of Cliq Magnetic Clothing Hangers

Cliq Magnetic Clothing Hangers

Designers Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins of Flow Design have revolutionized the archetypal clothing hanger by eliminating the hook that is needed to hang from your closet’s horizontal bar. Dubbed the “Cliq,” this invention uses magnets that not only attach to any metal surface, but they also create equal gaps between each hanger, making your closet appear more organized than it actually may be. Furthermore, the Cliq comes in three different color choices and can support up to two kilograms of weight. Preorder you set here.

Date: Mar 17, 2014  /  Views: 122  /  Author: Robert Marshall  /  Source: designboom
Category: Design  /  Tags: Home, Home accessories, Cliq