A Couple with 65 Dodge and SRT Vipers

Collecting stuff can be a rewarding and joyful hobby, especially when shared with a close one. Meet D’Ann and Wayne Rauh, the Texas-based couple who own a full range of 65 Dodge and SRT Vipers including the first one Wayne purchased in 2006 — a time when he was just looking for one single Viper without any means of starting a collection. With this many cars, the couple does a good job dividing their time between each automotive; in fact, D’Ann spends her time in up to four different Vipers a day and even has customized Viper-branded bags matching each vehicle. If the 65 Vipers astounded you enough as it is, that’s only the Viper portion of their over 100-strong collection of automobiles. Watch the short above to learn more about the couple’s unyielding passion for cars.

Date: Sep 13, 2013  /  Views: 3  /  Author: Nate Bodansky  /  Source: autoblog
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