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  • Image of Suigeneric Waxed Cotton Watchstraps

Suigeneric Waxed Cotton Watchstraps

Based in New York City, Suigeneric is a young brand that specializes in producing waxed cotton watchstraps – the first to do so in the industry. Its aim is to provide a unique perspective by creating sui generis interpretations of generic objects around us with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Applying fresh patterns on premium cotton canvas, each strap is carefully hand-sewn and hand-waxed, thus making every piece unique from one another. Its first run of straps includes patterns inspired by British camouflage, a slew of stripes, animal prints, and a paintbrush design. Check out Suigeneric and its list of stockists here.

Author: Robert Marshall
Date: Aug 2, 2013  /  Views: 55
Category: Style  /  Tags: Watches, Suigeneric