Lifetime Collective 2013 Spring/Summer Video Teaser

Drawing inspirations from travel, culture, and unyielding relationships with friends and communities, Lifetime Collective delivers garments with the same open-mindedness it has to life. At first glance, the button-downs and pleated shorts might hint at stringent formal wear, but on closer inspection, nimbus hues and bohemian pattern-work awake the well-fitted silhouettes for the warmer, breezier season. To showcase the spring/summer collection, the collective takes us on a journey to the tropical heat of Thailand, where young lovers chase adventures through a visual feast of sprawling night bazaars and exotic side streets. Going into a paradise of the unknown, the couple cavort around amongst stunning landscapes without a care in the world, harmonizing this season’s garbs with their surroundings. Head over to the Lifetime Collective webpage now for the photo lookbook.

Director:Salazar Sound:Brasstronaut Stylist:Mila Franovic

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