Grotesk x Case Studyo Release “6ft 6in” Sculptural Lamp

After teasing us with an endearing animated video a few weeks back, the collaborative project between Grotesk and Case Studyo is finally unveiled. The project is called “6ft 6in,” and takes the form of a sculpture lamp that provides both a commentary on the relationship between consumerism and functionality, as well as an ode to thrilling basketball sagas of yesteryear. That is to say, that this 75-inch piece of functional art is as ornate as it is profound. Grotesk’s body of work has long infused hip-hop music and athletics into a visual form, yet Case Studyo’s expertise took the artist’s vision to a tangible form. Each of the 23 hand-painted wooden lamps comes in an individually numbered and signed wooden shoe box. Inquiries will be taken on Case Studyo’s website.

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