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A Conversation with Glenn Kitson

Having began his love for fashion as young boy in the United Kingdom going to various shops and persuading store-owners to give him free gear, Glenn Kitson holds several titles including Co-Founder and Fashion Editor of The Rig Out magazine, a freelance stylist, and brand strategist. Over the last few years the Manchester native successfully worked with the likes of 6876, Penfield, oki-ni and much more, delivering a unique brand experience one after another. Finding time in his always busy schedule, Kitson sits down for a brief conversational interview touching on his love affair for vintage garbs, advice for aspiring publications, branding and much more.

Styling is… overrated!

The vintage piece I regret selling… is probably my adidas Miami leisure shoes. It’s hard to say, there’s been so much. I had lots of vintage adidas, Nike and PUMA. Original boxed Nike Terra TC (made in the U.S.), a boxed pair of U.S.-made canvas Bruins… adidas City series – Koln, Dublin, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels… loads of them. My missus made me sell them all when we started having kids. You can’t beat a good pair of trainers though can you? I once bought an original velour Fila Terrinda BJ for €20 EUR and then sold it a couple of years later for £950 GBP. I could of got a grand for it but the guy wrote me such a lovely email… I gave him fifty quid off.

The Rig Out magazine… is a collaboration between like-minded folk, myself, art director Andy Bird and photographer Antony Crook. It gives us a chance to showcase our work and do something creative. You should interview them as they’re the real geniuses behind the operation. I just provide the good looks.

My favorite store… is a tough one. My favorite at the moment is probably Oshman’s in Harajuku, Tokyo. It’s like a next level Millets (UK high-street outdoors store). Loads of outdoors gear, Patagonia and New Balance stuff in colorways I’ve never seen before, U.S.-made Champion, brands like Wild Things… and tents. Lots of tents.

Creating your own opportunities… is very important. Put yourself out there. The internet is great for that… although, it’s also got me into trouble… especially doing interviews. I got so much stick from my last one I can’t believe I’m doing this one.

Football culture has… given the UK its own trainer culture apart from the U.S.-dominated sneaker market. People in the UK were wearing sneakers when all those rappers were dressing in leather and studs and all that Blue Oyster bar stuff.

Branding… is smoke and mirrors.

Despite the current landscape, going into publishing… is still worthwhile. We started The Rig Out because we didn’t like what was on offer elsewhere. Self publishing is hard but it’s worth it and it’s nice to actually do something creative and make something worth reading.

Helping brands solve problems… all I can say is that there are far better qualified people than me to answer this. I suppose it’s a case of putting the right people in place, the right designer, the right marketing, etc.

The resurgence in vintage and well-made products… it’s always been there I think, blokes have always been into good stuff whether that’s denim or footwear or jackets. Blokes dig jackets don’t they? I think it’s the one motivation I have in life – to own loads of banging jackets. The direction of menswear’s… carry on camping!

Photography: Ravi Sidhu/HYPEBEAST

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