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GQ: The Oral History of Menswear Blogging

Pull up your browser today, and it’s likely there are a barrage of no less than a dozen menswear fashion websites in your bookmarks. The daily “go-to” blogs. A collection of “must-checks” that you refer to almost religiously. Many of us remember a time, only a mere half-decade ago, when finding a menswear focused fashion website was virtually impossible and a men’s fashion-dedicated section of any site seemed almost laughable. In their latest Style blog post, GQ explores the “Oral History of Menswear Blogging” by tracking down a collective of pioneers and originators of the menswear-centric blogosphere. Beginning with a combined timeline from the likes of Michael Williams (A Continuous Lean), Lawrence Schlossman (Sartorially Inclined), Scott Schuman (The Sarotiralist) and Josh Peskowitz (GILT Man), the piece goes on to discuss the evolution of the underground culture to a solidified and respected fashion outlet effectively seeing the adoption of similar blogs and editorial segments by the greater fashion industry.

Source: GQ

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