BEINGHUNTED: Nike Sportswear + Wood Wood - LunarWood TZ


Having dropped the inaugural look into the Nike Sportswear + Wood Wood LunarWood TZ, BEINGHUNTED. follows up the preview with an interview involving Wood Wood’s Brian SS Jensen as well as a series of photographs by Thomas Skou. The interview delves into the background of the LunarWood TZ and how a shoe originally conceived for the backcountry has since been modified for a more urban approach. The LunarWood TZ will release on December 11th at Wood Wood flagship stores in Copenhagen, Berlin and Vienna with a global drop 8 days later on the 19th. A list of some of the most interesting answers can be seen below.

What are the main characteristics of a shoe that is quintessentially Scandinavian?
Basically they should keep your feet warm and dry. The nordic environment was the initial inspiration for this project, and in the first drafts we were more specific about the scandinavian references. However we didn’t want the shoe to be too gimmicky, and in the end the scandinavian aspect is probably more present in the process than in the final product. We actually discussed doing a Scandinavia only release, but it felt a bit forced.

What are the innovations on the new LunarWood?
The upper has been treated with this nano-coating called ion-mask to make it water repellent, and the Lunar sole incorporates a new Nike technology called Dynamic Support that adapts to a runner’s gait with each step.

The pictures on the following pages show the LunarWood in a rough city environment. Tell us a bit about this shooting – who are these guys, where did you go, how did the shoes perform?
Basically we wanted to present the shoe in the setting we had imagined them in from the start. At night in the empty streets, roof tops and abandoned buildings.

The photos were shot by Thomas Skou who I have known for some time but never have had the chance to work with before. We spent the most of a sunday night with some local kids exploring different spots in Copenhagen. The shoes took a beating but held up nicely.

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