maserati MCXtrema track exclusive limited edition high powered engineering automotive vehicle car track day italy italian heritage
maserati MCXtrema track exclusive limited edition high powered engineering automotive vehicle car track day italy italian heritage
Maserati’s MCXtrema Track Performance Takes High-Power Engineering To New Heights
Check out the footage from the circuit experience as Hypebeast speaks to the team behind the highly exclusive vehicle.
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Having unveiled the track-exclusive MCXtrema at last year’s Monterey Car Week, Maserati now takes it to the tarmac, putting the self-proclaimed “beast” to the test. As well as getting a first look at the high-performance vehicle, Hypebeast speaks to members of the Maserati team behind its creation to discuss the significance of creating one of the highest-powered vehicles in its roster.

A celebration of everything the Italian automotive house is revered for, the MCXtrema is the evolution of the road-legal MC20. Boasting an eye-watering 730-hp, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 Made-in-Modena engine can achieve 730Nm max torque. Despite being longer and wider than its predecessor, the weight has been reduced by over 11%, combined with a 110-hp increase in power, it is Maserati’s most powerful track car yet and built specifically for a racing environment to help attain your best-recorded lap.

Whilst not getting the opportunity to see it in public, the positive that comes from manufacturing a track-only car is its limitless possibilities. Without adhering to any rules or restrictions, this creative freedom allowed the Maserati team to produce a unique, lightweight vehicle that pushes the boundaries of engineering to the limit. Speaking on the reasoning behind taking this approach, Global Chief Engineer Gasoline Medium & High-Performance Engine, Stefano Tonietto tells Hypebeast, “We did this to avoid administrative constraints, relating to both pollution and noise emissions, which act as something of a limitation to the engine.”

The collaborative effort included contributions from its top engineers as well as the futuristic Centro Stile design team. Utilizing the best of Maserati’s advanced equipment, every part of the engine was made with meticulous attention to detail, undergoing a range of stringent tests to guarantee optimal accuracy. “The freedom from any regulatory compromise has also made it possible to take the dynamic and aerodynamic development of the project to the max,” says Vincent Biard, Model Chief Engineer and Maserati Corse Technical Advisor. “Everything that came from the hands of the Maserati designers worked and was accommodated in an out-of-the-box design.”

Inside, the vehicle has been designed specifically with the needs of race drivers at the forefront. Inspired by the vehicle’s forward-facing ethos, the aim was to reimagine a futuristic cockpit where the driver is in full control. A stand-out feature is the carbon and aluminum steering wheel with a five-inch central display, buttons, rotary selectors, and ergonomic grip whilst the bucket seat features a six-point belt and roll cage for safety — all adding to the immersive nature where “every engineering solution is researched, designed and developed to enhance the driving experience.”

With approximately 200 hours in the Maserati dynamic simulator and 1,000 hours of virtual analysis for real-life simulations as well as four years of MC20 development and engine reliability checks, the MCXtrema finally took to the track in its final form on a rainy day back in February. Spearheaded by Maserati’s Chief Test Driver Andrea Bertolini, the high-powered car went around the iconic Autodromo Varano de’ Melegari circuit in Parma, Italy.

Bertolini has worked with the Modena-based manufacturer on the development of a number of its signature models, however, the MCXtrema “[brought back] the feeling of Maserati’s glorious past studded with successes in racing, but most of all I could uncompromisingly continue to raise the bar even higher.”

Taking the experience beyond the track to commemorate the unveiling of the MCXtrema — which is limited to only 62 units for its most loyal clientele — Maserati has introduced the tailor-made MCXlusiva Customisation Programme. The stand-out “Blue Xtrema” color, made exclusively for the car, can be modified in one of three variants each with its own identity: “Tech Beast,” “Corse” and “Speed Beast”; as well as two options of the wheel rims: “Matte Black” or “Grigio Corsa Bright”; and three for the seats: “Blue,” “Black” or “Ice.”

To round off the customization service, Maserati is also offering a BEASTspoke variant, giving drivers the opportunity to choose their own number to be added to the livery and select the color of the grips on the steering wheel.

The MCXperience doesn’t stop there. Reserved for the fortunate customers, each will be enrolled into an exclusive club to fully immerse themselves in the Maserati racing world that includes days with professional drivers and technicians at Maserati Corse Services, a concierge service with access to on-track experiences as well as the MCXtrema kit typically made for drivers.

Check out the visuals from the track day in the video above. For more information on the MCXtrema, visit the Maserati website.

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