Toshikiyo Hirata
Founder of Kapital
Eric Kvatek/Ponytail Journal



During the ‘80s, while teaching karate in the US, Toshikiyo Hirata’s fascination with American denim grew into such an obsession that he could only satisfy it by making his own label, KAPITAL. Since then, the label has been known for experimenting with traditional Japanese and military-inspired silhouettes, enlivening them with eccentric cuts and aggressive detailing, incorporating things like boro and shashiko techniques. Though the fashion industry has changed a lot since KAPITAL’s humble beginnings, the label has somehow managed to stay true to its original design ethos. Today, Toshikiyo is joined by his son Kiro Hirata, and together they continue to enamor buyers with each new quirky collection they design. While the brand has tried to keep a relatively elusive profile, its stores have become popular destinations — there are 15 stores across Japan, each designed with a different interior conceptualized around the traditions of its respective region. Kiro and Toshikiyo Hirata’s steadfast vision is what makes the brand so unique, offering new perspectives on traditional garmentry, even to this day.

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