Carlo Rivetti
CEO of SPW and Creative Director of Stone Island



With more than 30 years of experience heading the infamous Italian sportswear titan Stone Island, the beguiling character that is Carlo Rivetti has developed the brand into something that transcends the clothes themselves. Taking the position of Creative Director and President, Rivetti has played a titular role in mandating the imprint’s global prowess, continuing to build on the brand’s worldwide cult fandom.

At the core remains research and development, whereby newfound textiles and fabrics continue to elevate Stone Island’s approach to boundary-pushing garments. 2019 was no different for Rivetti and Stone Island, teaming up once again with Supreme for a new take on archived fabrics, a collaboration with Nike Golf, a new prototype series jacket in the brand’s signature nylon metal material, functionally-driven Shadow Project collections, and reflective weave goods for utmost visibility. Alongside the clothes, the brand has further expanded into the brick and mortar market, opening its first flagship in Seoul, Hong Kong, Toronto, even developing an archive exhibition at Tokyo’s Ba-Tsu Art Gallery.