Sk8thing & Toby Feltwell
Co-founders of Cav Empt
HYPEBEAST, Bungo Tsuchiya

Fashion , Retail
Japanese & British

Since being established back in 2011, Cav Empt — short for the Latin caveat emptor, meaning “buyer beware” has maintain a cult like following thanks to its unique dystopian digital wares; Not to mention the one-of-a-kind melding of Toby Feltwell’s London-centric street sensibility and Sk8thing’s graphic design prowess. This year Cav Empt put together an array of collaborations with BELIEF Moscow, BEAUTY & YOUTH and Slam Jam to go alongside its seasonal offerings. Heading into 2019, C.E. will definitely be ramping things up with a steady stream of releases that express its unique vision of streetwear.
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