Pascaline Smets
Fashion and Buying Director of SMETS
Matthew Sperzel/Contributor/Getty

Fashion , Retail , Art

Pascaline Smets’ creative directorship of her family’s business has seen the Smets group become one of Europe’s best retailers. The store — which was founded by her mother in the 1990s — was taken over by Pascaline when she was 25, and since then the brand offering has grown to include established names including Off-White and Balenciaga as well as emerging names including Paria Farzaneh and Marques Almeida. As well as helming the Smets stores, Pascaline Smets also owns Stems Gallery, an art space in Brussels. With over stores across Brussels and Luxembourg already established, 2018 saw Smets confirm the brand as a serious player in the European market. In the future, Smets aims to take the store international with new flagship spaces around the world.
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