Shinsuke Takizawa

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Shinsuke Takizawa

  • NationalityJapanese
  • Age49
  • DisciplineFashion

Recognized as one of the founding members of the Japanese streetwear scene, NEIGHBORHOOD’s Shinsuke Takizawa continued to build his legacy throughout 2016. Alongside fleshing out his vision of Americana-influenced workwear and motorcycle-inspired styles through NEIGHBORHOOD’s main collections, Takizawa also steered his brand into collaborations with the likes of the POOL aoyama, HAVEN, Palladium, Porter, MADNESS and G-SHOCK. 2016 also marked several milestones for Takizawa, with the opening of a new NEIGHBORHOOD store in Yokohama, as well as the launch of an online shop for sub-label LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD. Not content to stop there, Takizawa also partnered with THE FOURNESS founder Kazuki Kuraishi and Grenson creative director Tim Little to launch a footwear label simply titled “4.” Keep your eyes peeled for what the streetwear veteran has to offer in the incoming year.

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