Aaron Bondaroff

Founder of Moran Bondaroff, Know Wave and aNYthing
  • F Fashion
Aaron Bondaroff
Magda Wosinka/The WILD Magazine

  • NationalityAmerican
  • Age39
  • DisciplineFashion and Retail

Aaron Bondaroff is a name that could’ve and very well should’ve been on this list previously. His longtime affiliation with Supreme and founding of lifestyle brand aNYthing without a doubt makes him a streetwear trailblazer. His eye for finding that “Downtown Cool” began with his humbled appreciation for New York’s thriving youth culture and the art scene within. His passion for bringing those stories to light continues today, but with artists all over the world. Through his Moran Bondaroff Gallery, in conjunction with Al and Mills Moran, Aaron collaborates with a growing collective of artists that includes Daniel Arsham and Lucien Smith, among many more. The trio’s art space has also funded Know Wave, which also provides a voice for young artists through pirate radio interviews, fashion, print, music and “happenings.”

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