Chris Gibbs

Owner of Union Los Angeles
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Chris Gibbs
Jacey Lumley/GQ

  • NationalityAmerican
  • AgeUnknown
  • DisciplineFashion and Retail

Consistency is key, and no one in the streetwear industry has more perseverance than Chris Gibbs of Union Los Angeles. Union has become the ultimate bastion of West Coast cool – it’s a must-visit for any menswear fan who has an affinity for quality clothing. In 2016, Chris Gibbs continued to stock the tried-and-true brands that have solidified its positive reputation, but also pushed forward on taking chances with newer imprints. Brands like Noah, ROKIT, and even Tuesday Girlfriend are garnering the recognition they deserve because of this careful curation of balancing old with the new. The end of the year even saw a collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God label.

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