Edwin Faeh

Founder of Carhartt WIP
  • F Fashion
  • R Retail
Edwin Faeh
Koon / Hypebeast

  • NationalitySwiss
  • AgeUnknown
  • DisciplineFashion and Retail

Carhartt WIP founder Edwin Faeh has always aimed to take Carhartt WIP to new heights by making sure that workwear does not just become a trend. Within the year the labels various projects have elevated workwear and forced it into the view of fashion. As the aesthetics of workwear has been expressed and appreciated by various other brands. Helmed by Faeh Carhartt WIP this year the label expanded and opened a new London store and maintained its connection within different sub-cultures. Keep an eye on Carhartt WIP as there will for sure be much in store for the workwear label that is breaking down the walls of the fashion realm.

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