Vincent Tsang

Co-owner of Dime MTL
  • F Fashion
  • R Retail
Vincent Tsang
Vincent Tsang

  • NationalityCanadian
  • Age28
  • DisciplineFashion and Retail

Dime is hard to pin down: it’s often unclear whether it’s a traditional skate crew, a brand, or both. It’s skate videos often feel like feature-length friends-and-family segments, complete with plenty of Instagram-friendly hijinks to spare. The imprint’s presence on the skate and fashion scenes has been equal parts enigmatic and undeniable, as Dime’s Dior-style logo hoodies, tees and pins have become signifiers of skaters, fashion insiders and early adopters alike. And we have Vincent Tsang, artistic director of Dime, to thank for it all. Or most of it, at least.

Co-founded by Antoine Asselin and Philippe Lavoie, the self-aware skate crew have released a new video that championed the Canadian skateboarding scene with a unique sense of humor. The Dime Glory Challenge, meanwhile, birthed Jamal Smith’s “Me? I’m tight as FUCK!” meme, and upped the bar on the yearly anti-contest.

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