I really need to work on my impulse buys. all of these shoes either never made it from my closet or i wore 2 times max. I'm currently over flowing with shoes so I'm hoping to get of the ones I don't wear. all prices are obo.

/the only reason why I am using a fisheye to take these pics is b/c I'm selling all this crap to buy a macro lens. I felt like an idiot trying to shoot across my room with a my other lenses.

Don't ask me
I purchased these from undftd. i have 1 stark lace in them, i'll include either the purple laces of the starks. 25 bucks shipped

bought this to match some shirts i had, decided after I could return them I didn't actually like the shoes. Never worn outside of my apartment. size 11 35 bucks shipped.

prokeds also bought from udnftd la. i have wide feet and the one time I wore them they gave me a horrible blister through socks. Haven't worn them in atleast 6 months. size 11 35 shipped

nike sbs dunks. dominic from brooklyn projects talked me into buying these. I don't think I ever wore them. size 12. 35 bucks shipped

went to bodega in boston, felt like i had to buy something, came out with these. Worn 2 times for a couple hours each. 35 bucks shipped size 12.