In recent years, the wild forest elements are wildly used by fashion jewelry designers to design different kinds of jewelries. This trend can be fully present in making pendants. They integrate the animals’ features into designing pendants, which make those wild forest element pendants look fantastic and people love these pendants very much. This article is going to show you 6 types of wild forest element pendants for your wholesale pendants collection.

1 Fox

Fox is regard as a smart and cunning animal. People have various comments on the image of fox, but for women, the fox pendants mean nothing but charming femininity that makes women look smart and elegant. The fox trot is so elegant and it can fully show the beauty of women, while the fox pendants make women become the focus on any occasions.

2 Horse

Embedded with dazzling cubic zirconia which has the same cluster as the natural precious gemstone, the horse pendants are so adorable that many people like to wear them. The rhodium plating makes the horse pendants give glaring silver luster. They can be worn by people of all ages in any events.

3 Butterfly

Wearing butterfly pendants with vivid wings and fantastic colors will of course make people gain a lot of attention from other. The elegance of butterfly matched the delicate embed gemstones make these butterfly pendants give out magical gloss. It is a very good idea for people to choose butterfly pendants as a gift for their friends of family members.

4 Peacock

Peacock gives people an impression of elegant, pride and exquisite. The tail of a peacock is magnificent and colorful but the peacock tail of the peacock pendants which is made of gemstones is more luxury and has good refraction to light. You can see wonderful color in the sunlight.

5 Owl

Owl pendants are very cute and they are fond of by many people. No matter the big eyes or the funny expressions on its face can make people love them more. When people wearing these pendants, they will know more about the beautiful and mysterious animal and their beauty can be shown out in these owl pendants.

6 Elephant

The elephant pendants are full of vintage sense. Owning to the special cluster and color of opal, this elephant pendant gives out beautiful luster and has mellow texture. In the shape of elephant, those pendants are more popular and there are increasing people would like to use elephant pendants to decorate a better looking.

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