A Disturbing Video With A$AP Bari Has Surfaced

Viewer discretion advised.

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UPDATE: A$AP Bari has now issued a full statement explaining the situation and voices out that everything has been resolved. The tweet from a person alleging to be the female in the video has also been taken down.

A$AP Bari, the figurehead of VLONE, has seemingly been involved in a recorded sexual incident that depicts an obviously distressed female trying to escape from a disturbing situation. Bari, who can be heard saying, “you f*cked my assistant, now you’re going to suck my d*ck,” posted a message on his Twitter account claiming that the video was fake.

A$AP Bari

The video first surfaced on accounts such as @soledout but has since been deleted. However, users on websites like Reddit and KanyeToThe.com took over the conversation and the NSFW video can still be watched on certain sites. Ian Connor, who was involved in a public brawl with Bari and others in Paris last year was quick to voice out his thoughts on the situation with a message that he’ll be uploading a video that is seemingly related to the incident. The female in the video has also appeared to shed light on the situation with a series of tweets and replies.

We’ll keep this article updated if further developments come through.

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