Dror Architects Envision a Park With Trampolines and Ball Pits for Istanbul

Parkorman Park is a love story between people and nature.

Parkorman from Dror on Vimeo.

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New York-based architectural studio Dror has created a solution to Istanbul’s limited green space six miles north of the city center with Parkorman Park. In order to get people to interact with nature at this central park, the firm decided to create a place where people could fall in love with nature — “pollination” through exploration. The masterplan breaks down Parkorman Park into five zones: The Plaza, The Loop, The Pool, The Chords and The Grove. “We set out to create a park that dissolves the anxiety and fear that often accompanies an unfamiliar environment through a network of conditions that fosters unconditional love. We imagine the most profound experience delivered through the lightest touch; an effort that preserves the lush forest and leaves every tree in place, as mandated by the city,” says the architects.

Each zone is designed to enlist a certain emotion — The Plaza is an open space that introduces the visitor to nature, The Loop allows the visitor to float above the forest floor in swings and hammocks, The Pool is inspired by the Turkish spice market and features giant ball pits, The Chords lets guests bounce up and down the treeline on trampolines and finally, The Grove presents the visitor with options as they navigate their way through a maze-like sculpture trail. Non-linear pathways connect the sections and a cube-shaped water cube with water flowing from each side called The Fountain of Clarity finishes off the unique attractions.

Check out the video above to learn more.