Maxo Kream Leads a Unique Workout for The "Bussdown" Video

Eating pizza while video vixens dance.

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A month after the introduction of his latest major single “Bussdown,” Maxo Kream serves up the record’s official video.

Directed by JMP and produced by Carlos Jose Gallego, the “Bussdown” visual stars a host of eye-catching video vixens and revolves around their dance and work-out routines. For his part, Maxo hangs out in the trap house and turns up at the exercise spots. Having kept a relatively low profile for a large portion of the past 12 months, Maxo’s last solo video was the May release for the “Grannies” single. With less than 24 hours to go until 2017 concludes, expect Maxo Kream to make some major moves in the new year.

You can check out Maxo Kream’s video for “Bussdown” above. Previously, Maxo Kream linked up with fellow Texas talent Trill Sammy for the October clip in support of their collaborative cut “Harden.”

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