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Pen & Paper: CYRCLE.

Not afraid to use the gallery as an interactive vehicle, CYRCLE.’s exhibitions boasts new and

Not afraid to use the gallery as an interactive vehicle, CYRCLE.‘s exhibitions boasts new and intriguing ways to showcase their trajectory in the art world. While each show may differ to its last, a strong underlying motif of duality is present throughout. Pairing this with a provocative use of typefaces, bold fonts and imagery, and you have a body of work that’s conceptually complex but extremely relevant and comprehensible. For Pen & Paper, the Los Angeles-based collective approached the series in disparate to the usual approach seen previously. While we would of easily settled for the unveiling of Rabi and Davey’s sketches (that so aptly outline their mural work and larger-than-life throw-ups), the duo utilized the stationary available to present their version of Pen & Paper — showing off their impromptu sculptural DIY skills, exploring alternative ways in expression outside of the customary formats of street art. The cowboy and Indian sculptures relay CYRCLE.’s latest show: “Capture the flag: conquer the divide!”. The exhibition dissects America’s timeless struggle and explores the origins of the nation through the mythology of the two accustomed counterparts — an iconic duality within American history. The duo recently showcased their ventures in Hong Kong, followed by recent mural work in Lisbon. Stay tuned for more from “Capture the flag: conquer the divide!”.

PhotographerKeith Au/Hypebeast
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