HYPEBEAST Eats… Chopped 21st Century Egg White and Truffle with Chargrilled Asparagus by Shane Osborn of ST BETTY

Having already given us a look into his culinary tools of trade,  Shane Osborn of  ST

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Having already given us a look into his culinary tools of trade,  Shane Osborn of  ST BETTY now treats us to one of his signature lunchtime dishes — the 21st century egg — made with a single fried egg, char-grilled asparagus and garnished with lemon mayonnaise, black truffle and hazelnut dressing. Fusing age-old traditional Asian ingredients and manipulating flavors to suit a larger audience’s palate is just one of Shane Osborn‘s specialties. The century egg is commonly avoided due to the misconception that it is prepared using horse urine, but on the contrary it is a celebrated food eaten at weddings and made into numerous dishes. Combining century egg along with other uniquely flavored ingredients, Osborn also incorporates supplementary garnish to bring the taste of the dish closer to patrons’ comfort zones, while at the same time introducing to them new and exciting flavors — in this case juxtaposing a fried egg with chopped chilled century egg. The dish is simple, yet uses the freshest and finest quality ingredients. Not heavily weighing on the stomach, this makes for the perfect lunchtime snack and is truly memorable for its hot flowing, partially-cooked yolk, chilled century egg base, and the woodsy aftertaste of the meaty truffle.
Ingredients (Fried Egg)
  1. 01 Flour
  2. 02 Egg Wash
  3. 03 Japanese Breadcrumbs
  4. 04 Ground Hazelnuts
  5. 05 Grated Parmesan
Ingredients (Century egg)
  1. 01 Chopped Century Egg White
  2. 02 Chopped Black Truffle
  3. 03 Grape Seed Oil
  4. 04 Salt
Ingredients (Hazelnut dressing)
  1. 01 White Wine Vinegar
  2. 02 Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts
  3. 03 Salt
  4. 04 Hazelnut Oil
Step 1
Ingredients from the asparagus then clockwise:
Chargrilled Asparagus, Chopped 21st Century Egg White and Truffle, Sliced Black Truffle, Lemon Mayonnaise, Steamed Poached then Hazelnut Crumbed Egg, Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Salt, Grated Parmesan.
Step 2
Trim the blanched and chargrilled asparagus.
Step 3
Deep fry the crumbed eggs in a fryer at 180.
Step 4
Sauté the asparagus in extra virgin olive oil.
Step 5
Sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese over the asparagus.
Step 6
Remove the asparagus from the pan.
Step 7
Spoon the egg white truffle mixture onto the plate.
Step 8
Arrange the asparagus and fried egg on the plate.
Step 9
Spoon the lemon mayonnaise onto the plate.
Step 10
Make sure that all the ingredients are nicely arranged on the plate.
Step 11
Drizzle the hazelnut vinaigrette over the asparagus.
Step 12
Finished dish. Bon appetite.
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