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Camera, Camera by Malcolm Murray

In hopes of escaping one’s familiar surroundings, global travel has quickly left much to be

In hopes of escaping one’s familiar surroundings, global travel has quickly left much to be desired for those looking for both a relaxing and educational getaway. Encountering a horde of Westerners and their camera-happy exploits is often the case which led to Camera, Camera, a documentary directed by Malcolm Murray, written by Michael Meyer and produced by the New York Times’ staff photographer Josh Haner. The film is a call for those who have traveled with camera in tow and attempted to capture their experiences without consideration of the ramifications of their actions. For more information, head to the official Camera, Camera website.

CAMERA, CAMERA is a stunning new documentary that shows Laos through the fascination and confusion of a traveler’s lens. The directorial debut of award-winning cinematographer Malcolm Murray, the film was written and features interviews by journalist and author Michael Meyer, and was produced by New York Times staff photographer Josh Haner. Throughout CAMERA, CAMERA, Murray and Meyer recreate the experience of traveling in Laos, a fragile yet deceptively brutal world. From ancient temples to mountain villages, in jungles and on rivers, we see what travelers see and discover what they don’t as the plot moves deftly from the comical to the taboo, reveling in the experience of Laos and lingering on things left unsaid. CAMERA, CAMERA is a documentary for anyone who has traveled to or taken a photograph in a foreign country. The film quietly calls upon viewers to ponder the multifaceted and often ambiguous impacts of travel and photography on citizens of two worlds.

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