Mademoiselle Yulia: On The Tipping Point

In recent times, the name Mademoiselle Yulia has become more and more notable. With success at her finger-tips and a great network amongst her, she is on that tipping point to becoming a global phenomenon.

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In recent times, the name Mademoiselle Yulia has become more and more notable. Surrounding herself around some of Tokyo’s latest generation of move-makers, Yulia presents herself as what is arguably the next wave of multi-platform talent over a number of different mediums. We caught up with her a few months ago to discuss her history and where she currently stands as somebody who has achieved so much in such a short period of time. With success at her finger-tips and a great network amongst her, Mademoiselle Yulia is on that tipping point to becoming a global phenomenon.

Interview: Jey Perie
Photography: James Lisle


Entering the room, Mademoiselle Yulia instantly stops conversations with her bob cut and avant-grade dress. The hard to miss blue hair has become a fixture on Tokyo’s music and party scene as she goes beyond her musical acts to also serve as a designer for the accessory brand GIZA. We caught up with one of Tokyo’s hottest up-and-comers to get a better understanding of what exactly Mademoiselle Yulia is really all about.

From an early age, a young Yulia would become ingrained all the cultural going-ons of Tokyo’s eclectic Shibuya ward. Developing a keen interest in music and fashion, a large part of her visual experience and approach to fashion can be racked up to the strong influence of a stylist mom and a hair designer dad. Following in this creative pathway set by her parents, Mademoiselle Yulia would eventually make the jump into the realm of music and DJing.

Further breaking down her current submersion into Tokyo’s music scene, her first exploits began in high school as she served as the lead singer for a girl’s band titled GIRLS MIND. Despite the amateur aspect of the band, this inevitably got the ball rolling and helped springboard her career. Moving on, Mademoiselle Yulia’ life as a DJ began approximately three years ago as she became a regular, spinning often at parties in Shinjuku hosted by Roxi Ham. Continued exposure in Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife would lead to important relationships with the likes of VERBAL (of the TERIYAKI BOYZ), Kiri of Revolver and Big O of Phenomenon. These relationships would prove to be integral from both a collaboration and learning perspective for Yulia. Making her way onto the TERIYAKI BOYZ’ most recent album Serious Japanese, VERBAL co-signs the rising star with subtle hints that she’s well on her way to developing into a full blown act. With a multitude of talents at her disposal from DJing to singing and fashion, her efforts have ultimately not gone unnoticed, earning her the accolade of one of CNN’s The Tokyo Hot List: 20 people to watch.


Throughout the last three years, we asked Yulia what she felt was among her favorite moments and who drew the title as most memorable crowd, which led her to recount SUMMER SONIC 2008’s massive party till the early hours of the morning. However, not to be outdone was DJing with the legendary Kool Keith at the Louis Vuitton Underground opening as well as her monthly appearance behind the tables at two of Tokyo’s popular partying destinations, Le Baron de Paris and the Trump Room.

While Mademoiselle Yulia’s favorite angle is that of a DJ, her emerging GIZA line of accessories will create a multi-dimensional creative angle for the talented personality. The line, inspired by images of grandeur and the theme of “Ancient Egypt”, marks an inspiration chosen for the revolutionary ancient Egyptian culture marked by mystery, beauty and power. The upcoming “Fantasy” collection will maintain a multi-material facet to its design with a multitude of colors, things that are indicative of Mademoiselle Yulia’s own personal stylings.

Having only blown out 22 candles on her last birthday, Mademoiselle Yulia looks to have a long and promising career ahead of her. Already coined the “Lady Gaga of Japan”, we aren’t ones to debate the power of this rising superstar.

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