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Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah: Necro

Guns n’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy”, The Fugees’ reunion album, Dr. Dre’s “Detox” and Raekwon’s “Only Built for Cuban Linx 2″ all have so…

Guns n’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy”, The Fugees’ reunion album, Dr. Dre’s “Detox” and Raekwon’s “Only Built for Cuban Linx 2″ all have something in common. These are all highly anticipated albums by celebrated artists that have supposedly been in the works for years but for whatever reason have never seen the light of day. The anticipation for the unheard albums both work for and against the artists. After a few years pass the albums begin to live in myth as fans fantasize what the album could sound like setting the hype bar extremely high if the album is actually released. The sequel to Raekwon’s classic and influential mid 90′s Mafioso masterpiece “Only built for Cuban Links” has been in the works, as Rae has gone through label switches and album false starts. Wu Tang loyalists have been salivating at the mouth at every tidbit of information or leaked track since the announcement of the album, only to be disappointed as album release dates continuously seem to move backwards.

Just as fans seem to lose all hope a new track from Raekwon pops up on the internet like a lost gem, again peeking the listener’s interests. The track “Necro” featuring his partner in rhyme Ghostface Killah could have easily found its home on the original Cuban Links album. The ominous looped chanting layered by classic hip hop snares and kicks lays the foundation for a train of thought narrative that will no doubt take a couple of listens to catch. Raekwon’s delivery is still the laid back half mumble that it always has been, seemingly rhyming out of one side of his mouth through an intense marijuana haze. Ghost balances Rae’s calmness with his trademark panic flow and characteristically humorous explicit subject matter. The track gives hope to all of those anticipating the lost “Only Built for Cuban Links 2″, at least until the next leaked track.

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