Nationality: American / Age: 39 / Discipline: Art
Since Brian Donnelly’s formative days on the streets of New York swapping out bus stop ads for beautifully reworked posters, the artist has progressed leaps and bounds over the course of his career. Churning out apparel, prints, canvas art, exhibitions and limited edition vinyl figurines all attuned to the world of KAWS; Donnelly elected to identify his alter-ego through this alias. Practically synonymous with KAWS, clothing brand OriginalFake brought to life many of Donnelly’s concepts – the most recognizable of which was the Companion character, yet 2013 brought a close to the label. Aside from some massive works including 18-foot creations dubbed “At This Time” and “Along The Way,” the biggest single moment this year for Donnelly was arguably the use of the Companion profile for MTV’s Moonman award at the VMA awards.