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Palladium Presents Undercity: Las Vegas Part 3

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In the latest installment of Palladium’s Undercity series, urban historian Steve Duncan and filmmaker Andrew Wonder are back exploring the Las Vegas metropolis but instead of going down, they make their way up as they scale the tallest building...

Palladium Presents Undercity: Las Vegas Part 2

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As part of its new urban exploratory series Undercity, Palladium Boots recently sent filmmaker Andrew Wonder and urban historian Steve Duncan beneath the casinos and the glitz of The Strip into the belly of Las Vegas. But that journey was only the be...

Palladium Presents Undercity: Las Vegas

Palladium Boots is shedding some light on the underbelly of Las Vegas with the new film Undercity: Las Vegas. But not the metaphorical underbelly — the physical subterranean tunnel system filled with rats, runoff, and the occasional casino security s...