The Wild Wild Web: The Chronicles of the HYPEBEAST Forums

StyleComments ⋅ Aug 12, 2014
Despite its anonymity, spam, trolling, harassment, and widespread obsession with virality and fame, the Internet can actually be a source of valuable information — particularly within the HYPEBEAST Forums. Nowadays we have the ability to connec...

Agenda Long Beach: The Do’s and Don’ts of Tradeshows

VideosComments ⋅ Aug 8, 2014
With Agenda Las Vegas fast approaching in about two weeks, we take a look back on July’s event in Long Beach where Andy Netkin, Greg Rivera, Bobby Hundreds, jeffstaple, Mega and many others drew on their years of experience to offer advice on h...

Tech Essentials: Mega of Black Scale

EditorialComments ⋅ Jul 29, 2013
In this age of technology, everyone’s phone has come to represent a bit of their personality. This is especially true on smartphones, and while some download popular games or distracting apps, others see the phone as a tool for endless producti...

Streetsnaps: Mega

StyleComments ⋅ May 9, 2013
Location: Los Angeles, United States

The Butcher’s Block: Episode 11 – Mega of Black Scale

StyleComments ⋅ Jan 9, 2013
The second season of Frank the Butcher’s ongoing web series titled The Butcher’s Block finds Rivera heading to Los Angeles to link up with Mega of Black Scale. Speaking about the brand’s recent five-year anniversary, initial topics...

A Conversation with Mega

EditorialComments ⋅ Jun 26, 2012
As a young sneakerhead with little disposable income, working at a sneaker boutique may be a dream career like no other. Not only do you get prime pickings and a generous discount, but your expanding network of like-minded individuals as well as the...

AGENDA: A Conversation with MEGA

StyleComments ⋅ Feb 10, 2012
Amidst the events at the recent 2012 AGENDA Long Beach trade show, HBTV was able to catch up with a range of designers, artists and brand builders that were in attendance. Taking a decidedly different interview approach, we focused in on broad range...

The Tenderloin Project Print Show

UncategorizedComments ⋅ Mar 29, 2010
Last summer, The Tenderloin Project represented an inquisitive look by Sean Desmond into San Francisco’s poor and marginalized Tenderloin district. The project also featured a collaboration with Black Scale. Part 2 to the original collabor...

Maestro Knows – Episode 7

UncategorizedComments ⋅ May 5, 2009
This week’s episode of Maestro Knows takes us to San Francisco where Maestro and MJ hook-up with none other than Black Scale and former HUF associate MEGA. A tour of the city ensues which is marked by a cigarette-less MEGA among other fine...