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Peanuts x Medicom Toy 400% & 1000% Snoopy “Flying Ace” Bearbricks

LifestyleComments ⋅ 1752 Views
The “Flying Ace” edition of Charles M. Schulz’s beloved Snoopy is the latest Peanuts character to get the miniature toy treatment thanks to Medicom Toy and its signature Bearbricks. Crafted in both 400% and 1000% form, the piece see...

Star Wars x Medicom Toy 2013 100% Bearbrick 2-Packs

LifestyleComments ⋅ 2452 Views
Already crafted in Kubrick, RAH, KAWS Companion and 400% Bearbrick form, Star Wars’ armored bounty hunter Boba Fett returns to the world of Medicom Toy once again – this time in 100% fashion and joined by his pops Jango Fett in one of two...

Medicom Toy 2013 “Happy Halloween” 100% Bearbrick

DesignComments ⋅ 1544 Views
For this year’s Halloween take on the Bearbrick, Medicom Toy opted for a departure from the ghouls and goblins typically associated with the holiday, instead taking inspiration from the Day of the Dead for a more celebratory look. Appearing in...

Marvel x Medicom Toy 400% Venom Bearbrick

LifestyleComments ⋅ 1879 Views
Switching from the world of X-Men to that of Spider-Man, Marvel and Medicom Toy have crafted a 400% Bearbrick take on Venom to go alongside their Wolverine collaboration. As expected, the 280mm piece stays true to the OG look of Spidey’s extrat...

Marvel x Medicom Toy 400% Wolverine Bearbrick

LifestyleComments ⋅ 1335 Views
Following The Wolverine’s arrival in theaters comes the latest Bearbrick collaboration between Marvel and Medicom Toy. Featuring everyone’s favorite mutant, the 400% Bearbrick sees Logan in his classic blue and gold suit – originall...

A Bathing Ape x 24karats x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick

DesignComments ⋅ 2337 Views
A Bathing Ape, Japanese label 24karats and Medicom Toy have come together to create a collaborative take on the 100%-sized Bearbrick. Sporting a black base with contrasting grey “stitching,” the Bearbrick is marked by a faux APE HEAD R...

Star Wars x Medicom Toy 400% Boba Fett Bearbrick

DesignComments ⋅ 2701 Views
Previously crafted in Kubrick, RAH and KAWS Companion form, iconic Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett returns for yet another Medicom Toy treatment – this time as a 400% Bearbrick. As per usual, the figure retains the character’s signature... x Medicom Toy 100% & 400% Bearbricks

DesignComments ⋅ 2136 Views
For its latest collaborative take on the ubiquitous Bearbrick, Medicom Toy has tapped Amazon’s Japanese imprint for 100% and 400% editions of the figure. Identical in design, the ursine toys resemble Amazon’s cardboard packaging and featu...

mastermind JAPAN x SENSE x Medicom Toy 400% Bearbrick

DesignComments ⋅ 2713 Views
It seems as if cult classic label mastermind JAPAN can’t even retire like other brands, with the now-iconic fashion company teaming up with Medicom Toy and SENSE magazine to create a custom 400% Bearbrick. Here we find the mastermind JAPAN outf...

Medicom Toy x Casio G-Shock DW-5600MT-1JR

StyleComments ⋅ 5883 Views
Medicom Toy and Casio G-Shock have teamed up once again to produce a special collaborative set consisting of a G-Shock DW-5600MT-1JR watch and a matching Bearbrick. In stark contrast to the previous collaboration between the two, this time the watch...