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Inside the HTC One Skatepark at Selfridges

LifestyleComments ⋅ 5830 Views
London’s Selfridges and international tech giant HTC might not be on someone’s list of skateboarding’s benefactors, yet a state-of-the-art indoor plaza is a good start for both names. London’s skateboarding community can now c...

Carhartt Work In Progress x Kingpin Magazine “Time Chase” Video featuring Phil Zwijsen

LifestyleComments ⋅ 2758 Views
Departing from your standard skateboarding video, Carhartt Work In Progress has teamed up with Kingpin Magazine to produce a compelling video titled “Time Chase.” Shot in black and white by Paul Labadie and edited with quirky artwork and...

Set In Stone: A DIY Project – Sheffield

LifestyleComments ⋅ 3721 Views
Emerica, Carhartt and Kingpin Magazine teamed up and sent out building crews and riders to various DIY spots all over Europe in hopes of cementing skateboard culture and locales throughout the world. Jettisoning to places like Berlin, Brescia, Sheffi...