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Dr. Romanelli Beetle vs. Popeye x Converse Capsule Collection

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Dr. Romanelli is about to drop his latest work with Converse, in what will be called the Beetle vs. Popeye Collection. Along with photos of the high-top Chuck Taylors, we also include an interview with Dr. Romanelli himself for a closer look into the...

Beetle Bailey x Dr. Romanelli Project Videos

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One of the oldest comic strips still being produced by its original creator, the prolific and incredibly talented Mort Walker, Beetle Bailey is a piece of classic Americana. Created only five years after the end of World War II partly in order to...

Dr. Romanelli x Beetle Bailey @ The Project Show

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In this video by Marcus Troy, designer Darren Romanelli discusses the inspiration behind his latest collection for Dr. Romanelli (also known as “DRx”). Known for projects that take vintage pieces and reinterpret them into a more contemporary desi...

Dr. Romanelli x Beetle Bailey Project

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Mort Walker first debuted the unforgettable Beetle Bailey in newspapers in 1950. Now boasting a massive worldwide daily audience of more than 200 million strong, Walker’s legendary character is quintessentially American. The loose, lackadai...