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After the release of "L.A.S.E.R.S." we were kind of worried on the influence of labels these days and how artists with integrity like Lupe himself wouldn't survive in todays climate. However, when the album went gold in no time and promised to be his best selling album to date, we knew we had lost a great rapper to todays conglomerated life. And were we wrong...

Following the release of "Around My Way" and "Lamborghini Angels", the new video, which features a cameo of Pooh Bear and has a rather illustrious website all for the visual representation itself, we're back to the exact same Lupe we loved back when he released his hyper-conceptual album "The Cool".

"They understand the internet better than their parents..." It's probably the biggest problem with youth these these days, and it's good that Lupe expresses himself without a label breathing down his neck looking at the numbers his songs are doing. From the vocabulary that kids learn these days, especially not knowing the danger of lack of parental clearance, which becomes clear during his second verse.

The beauty in the song lies in the ending, which shows the ultimate wrong. From the need of respect from the wrong men to the wrong behavior that those man set by emphasizing the fact that women only deserve attention when they dress half naked, this video points out all the wrongs in our society and in the way we view women. But don't mind us, just enjoy the video.

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the song was incredibly insightful, but i felt like lupe's delivery wasn't up to par. his lyricism is always solid, but his flow in this song threw me off a little bit.
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In the video he made it look so damned easy. So easy.
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what it really is, is the entertainment industry putting pressure on artists to rap or sing bout money and hos... but down the line, there are misunderstandings between the older and newer generations..

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