Arts - Page 15

Michele Durazzi's Surreal Cityscape Art
Chloë Sevigny Debuts 'No Time For Love' Zine
Hyper-Realistic Human Sculptures by Duane Hanson
Miley Cyrus by Paola Kudacki for the 2015 Summer Issue of 'PAPER'
Drake Curated an Art Exhibition for Sotheby's Titled "I Like It Like This"
New Kinetic Machine Creates Beautiful Sand Designs
Alexander Heilner Turns Landscapes Into Abstract Art Through Aerial Photography
Hollywood Movie Posters Redesigned
Miley Cyrus Poses Nude With Her Pet Pig For The 'PAPER' 2015 Summer Issue
ROA Street Art Mural in Sardinia
trashhand Offers up a Bird's Eye View of Toronto
Patrick Vale Illustrates New York City Like You've Never Seen Before