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Pen & Paper: Beastman

Inspired by nature and symbolism, Beastman looks to brightly lit hues and repetitive geometric patterns as core ingredients in his art. Clean, crisp and full of detail, the Sydney-based artist illustrates with the help of bold lines and symmetrical visuals. Often enlisting outlandish characters as accomplices, these identities help explore notions of renewal, survival and aspirations, presenting cryptic artwork that’s still very much comprehensible. While Beastman’s work is often found in urban settings — large wall murals or throw-up pieces throughout Australia — there’s no denial of his strong inclination towards nature, with the sun, plants and water often featured in dynamic ways. Blending such motifs with those of his artistic collective, The Hour, Beastman has collaborated on a number of projects with comrades Numbskull, Roach and Rone, mixing various street art and fine art styles into a melange of vibrant textures. In our latest episode of Pen & Paper, we get a glimpse at the Australian artist’s sketchbook, where far-out ideas first find a platform for expression. See more of Beastman via his webpage and Instagram.

Date: /Author: Arthur Bray/Photographer: Silas Lee/HYPEBEAST
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