HYPEBEAST Eats... Porchetta Sandwich by Meat & Bread

Situated in Vancouver’s emergent Gastown district, Meat & Bread is a specialty sandwich shop that opened its doors in 2010. Only slightly more striking than the shop’s location bordering the notorious downtown east-side is its distinctive and genuine interior aesthetic. Clever branding mixed with a rustic yet inviting style has allowed Meat & Bread to easily stand out amongst other eateries in the area. One of the shop’s signature dishes is a hearty porchetta sandwich. Joe and the guys behind the counter were nice enough to give us a tutorial on how to make this dish.

If you’re in Vancouver, stick your head in this spot on Cambie St. and try one of the many delicious sandwiches on their menu. Even try making the porchetta yourself at home using sambal, mustard, and seasoning salt that is also conveniently sold at Meat & Bread.

Photography: Chris Danforth/HYPEBEAST

  1. 01 salsa verde
  2. 02 parsley
  3. 03 rosemary
  4. 04 seasoning salt
  5. 05 fennel frond
  6. 06 boneless middle of pork
  7. 07 sambal
  8. 08 mustard
  9. 09 bun
Step 1
Seasonings from left to right:
(Top) Parsley, Salsa Verde.
(Bottom) Fennel Frond, Rosemary, Salt Rub.
Step 2
The loin and belly are included in the boneless middle cut which is traditionally used for Italian porchetta.
Step 3
Remove a strip of fat to make rolling easier.
Step 4
Shallow hashing the cut of pork allows the seasoning to sink in and the fat to properly render.
Step 5
Sprinkle salt rub and add salsa verde.
Step 6
Add rosemary.
Step 7
Roll and apply an additional salt rub.
Step 8
Cook with the previously removed strip of fat.
Step 9
Dice porchetta and add crispy fat.
Step 10
Porchetta sandwich ready to eat! Seasoned with some crisp.
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