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PROCESS: FEIT Hand Sewn High

Many brands have quickly realized the importance of quality in their construction. A more educated consumer in this day-in-age has become mu...
Many brands have quickly realized the importance of quality in their construction. A more educated consumer in this day-in-age has become much more in-tune in the intricacies of product and its subsequent manufacturing. However, as we all know with artisan hands, often comes an artisan price. FEIT looks to combine the best of high-quality and handmade goods with more affordable, direct to consumer pricing. Rather than operate through traditional retail channels, their footwear is often made in small patches to order. This effectively minimizes any extra costs associated with wholesaling to provide the best possible product given the price. In our inaugural PROCESS, we document a rudimentary step-by-step process involving the FEIT Hand Sewn High.

Step 1 / Last Selection
A great shoe starts with a great last. The cornerstone of FEIT’s collection is an initial set of lasts which founder Tull Price collaborated on with one of Italy’s
most famous last makers – now 92-year-old Verdichio Padrone.

Step 2 / Leather Selection and checking
We have used the finest Italian vegetable leathers, using minimal dyes, chemicals and pigments so the hide remains as close as possible to its natural state. The leather is thoroughly checked for any defects and to ensure the stretch and thickness is appropriate for the construction used.

STEP 3 / Tools selection
Tools used are dependant on the construction chosen. For this style we use a fusion of moccasin and hand sewn Goodyear construction.

Step 4 / Leather cutting
Hides are individually cut by hand to allow flexibility and minimize waste.

Step 5 / preparing to hand sew
Cut leather is placed securely in position prior to being hand sewn.

Step 6 / Hand sewing the heel
The Hand Sewn High is made predominantly of 1 piece of leather. This piece is hand sewn into shape at the heel.

Step 7 / Hand sewing the vamp

Step 8 / Hand Lasting
The upper is tightly pulled over the last and held in position in preparation for hand sewing.

Step 9 / Hand sewing the upper to the midsole
For this style we have adapted the traditional Goodyear Construction, by attaching the cork foot bed inside the sole unit for extra durability.

Step 10 / Attaching the sole
The sole is made up of five individual pieces. An internal leather midsole, a layer of natural cork, a buffalo leather outsole, a rubber tread and a vegetable leather strip which encases the sole to the upper.

Step 11 / Completion
Shoes are then signed by the maker, boxed and sent direct to you.

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