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Polls: Raw Denim or Washed Denim?

Following last week’s poll findings that nearly 62% of respondents believe that fast fashion and high fashion collaborative projects should be judged on a case-by-case basis, our latest poll takes a more pointed approach into your own personal preference in denim.

Arguably one of the most fundamental and pervasive items in both contemporary and traditional fashion, denim has created its own passionate culture of enthusiasts across all styles and fits. With polarizing opinions often seen along both lines, the different preferences between raw and washed denim often boil down to a personal comparison between the various form and function tenants of each. For some, the initial discomfort required to wear a pair of raw denim and the time required to grow into them is something that they simply do not have the patience for. While for others, the thought of purchasing a pair of pre-washed denim is as outrageous and brazen as walking into a Ferrari dealership and requesting to pay full price for a rusted 458. While the ebb and flow of denim trends will most certainly continue its cycle and both styles maintain their own respective presence, the only question left to ask is: what’s in your closet?

Photography: HYPEBEAST

Raw Denim or Washed Denim?

  • Raw Denim
  • Washed Denim
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