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HYPEBEAST Feature: Essentials - Purist Boutique

Celebrating their first anniversary this year, Purist Boutique did things in fine fashion with a series of strong collaboration items including Futura Laboratories, The Hundreds, Fiberops as well as Black Scale | Recon. The store has come to define the local San Jose scene with a strong curation of brands as witnessed by their one year anniversary projects. As the focus of our latest HYPEBEAST Essentials spotlight, we take an in-depth look into the daily essentials of four members of the Purist team.

Kevin – Owner | Buyer

Ms. P
Girlfriend, best friend, partner, personal chef (j/k), and interior decorator. #1 with a bullet. I ended up #6 on her last after the Cholrox Wipes, I’m sure of it.

Even when the misses won’t watch me play PS3 for 2 hours or enjoy Sportscenter
for the 3rd time at 1 am in the morning, Foobs will.

Watch and Ring
The only real jewelry a guy should wear.

Liquid Diet
Hanger One and Hennessey. Alcohol is a must at the end of everyday and at the beginning of every weekend. One of my favorite drinking quotes:
“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” -Frank Sinatra

The gateway drug for streetwear. A love that began with basketball and perpetuated through fashion.
Top Five
1. Air Jordan XI Concord
2. Air Flightposite Carbon Fiber
3. Air Max 95 Holiday (Slate)
4. Air Trainer I
5. Air Jordan III

Precie – Owner | Buyer

Global Knives
Ever since I was young, cooking has always been something I enjoy and having the right tools is a necessity in my kitchen. The most important tool is a super sharp knife. Even if it isn’t my turn to cook, I still chop up the ingredients and it always turns out delicious due to my skilled chopping.

Christian Louboutin
These shoes really breaks the bank and doesn’t provide any specialized comfort but you know the saying, it hurts to be “supah kawai.”.

Big purses
Nothing complicated, I just need big bags. I love the pockets outside so I can easily access my cell phone or keys.

Design and architecture
Of all the stuff I search for in the internet or design magazines, I always look for things to fill my home and how I can decorate each room. I’m a minimalist and like modern furniture, but I also appreciate the story behind historical buildings and classical furnishings. Personal favorites are Eichler homes, Barcelona chair, Nelson lights, and my pure white chaise.

Clorox Wipes
Call me a GERMAPHOBE. I don’t care. I bring these with me everywhere and anywhere across the globe!!

Marco – Store Manager

This is probably the most essential of essentials for me. As long as I can remember I have been into music and that still continues to this day. With a catalog of over 1,000 CD’S, all purchased in store, my iPod is full of enough music to keep my ears and soul satisfied.

In my opinion, it’s the only accessory that matters. I don’t feel right leaving the house without a hat on my head. Whether it be a fitted, beanie, fedora or golf cap, it just completes your fit.

My favorite shoe of all time. There is a pair of Forces for all occasions. I like the simple classic design of the shoe and also how with different materials, the shoe can get crazy. From general releases to limited editions, whenever I see an article or catalog that highlights the Air Force 1 my heart beats a little bit faster for the next colorway I’ll have to cop.

For the unofficial and official smoke break a lighter is a must. Of course like most who smoke, losing your lighter is guaranteed. By the time this picture gets posted, all of these lighters will be wherever all the other lost lighters go.

Pouch/Gadget Pouch
At one point in time, all I would carry with me would be keys and a wallet. Somewhere along the line, I started adding more to that and my pockets were overflowing. This pouch helps me balance out and keeps my electronic devices from getting scratched up or broken as I move throughout the day.

Rich – Marketing | Photography/Website Guy

Desk/Home office
For those of us that have to keep a day job to pay the bills, its essential to have a good work station to come home to when you’re burning the midnight oil. I basically have to do all of my “extracurricular” work between the hours of 9pm and 2am, so having a good setup was crucial for me to make the most out of those limited hours. Home of my precious Macbook Pro (who deserves a separate post, but…whatever, you see it).

Digital SLR
Couldn’t really afford to own one of these until I graduated from school, but it has never really left my side since then. I’ll have to give some credit to all of the people out there on the internet that take hours to write up tutorials for beginners like me, which basically taught me how to get the most out of this thing. My setup is a Canon Rebel XTI, EF17-40mm f/4 wide angle zoom lens, and a 580EX II Flash.

Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones
I’ve gone through a lot of earphones in my life and I never felt totally satisfied with a pair until I bought my first pair of A8’s. Price is a little high for these, but the fit and quality is unmatched. Bass is a little lacking, but earphones in general are not good for that. No regrets with this purchase.

I’ve never really subscribed to the idea that you only need one backpack for everything. I always thought that there was a right size/shape for different situations, so I bought a bunch, each for a different situation. These are my most commonly used of the bunch and I have to say that each one has a specific use. Pictured is the Visvim Ballistic K Pack, Nike SB Skate Backpack, and the Stussy SF x Head Porter Waist Bag.

Chucks and Jacks
I wasn’t really able to afford Nike’s growing up, so Chuck Taylors were almost the default when it came to footwear for me. 15 years later, I’m still wearing them regardless of the occasion and I’ll probably still be wearing them 15 years from now.

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