Simon Porte Jacquemus
Founder and Designer of Jacquemus
Andreas Larsson

2020 Hypes Score


Simon Porte Jacquemus has described his designs as "naïve" fashion. There’s an element of spontaneity and effortlessness in the way he constructs garments and conducts business. Sensually draped dresses, free-flowing fabrics, pastel hues and romantically ornate prints are just some of the characteristics that make up the Jacquemus look. Nothing feels forced or excessively planned out and fans who wear the house’s designs are truly coming from a genuine place of love.

In 2020, Jacquemus became more than just the brand who makes little purses and oversized hats, although these items continue to be fine entry points for curious fashion aficionados. Moreover, the year was really about continuing to shape the brand’s aesthetic despite the challenges of COVID-19 stalling the entire industry. Jacquemus’ seasonal fashion shows from the year, specifically the July SS21 presentation which was still a physical showcase, were statement-making events. “For me, the runway can’t be a video,” Jacquemus told Vogue. “It’s at the heart of what we do; it’s not superficial. It’s important to all of us to continue, just like a restaurant that reopens. It’s like a movie of a summer day. It’s our life.”

To know the brand is to feel it and it was important for Jacquemus to let the world know that his fashion is all about the experience. The SS21 runway show was set in a breezy barley field northwest of Paris where guests were seated a good distance apart from each other. The clothes matched the sensuality of the lush environment with slit skirts, exaggerated sleeve tops, shoulder strap dresses and embellished mini dresses. For men, there were extremely loose suiting, relaxed shorts, printed button shirts and comfortable footwear.

When all was said and done, the global fashion press lauded Simon Porte Jacquemus’ SS21 presentation. In a way, it felt as if the designer never even second-guessed himself about the line or the execution of the event. Ultimately, it is with this seemingly laissez-faire attitude that the 30-year-old visionary has found his stride for success.