Mitsuhiro Kubo
Owner and Creative Director of GR8

Fashion , Retail

Mitsuhiro Kubo has been in the fashion game since he was 18 and so it comes as no surprise that he is now considered one of Japan’s leading fashion icons. Kubo’s brainchild GR8, a concept store that he founded in 2005, is a leading influencer of trends in Tokyo and acts as a portal for upcoming international brands as they try and enter the Japanese marketplace. The innovative concept store, which can be found in the Laforet department store in Tokyo’s fashion heartland of Harajuku, is a manifestation of Kubo’s unique DNA and is adored by streetwear aficionados across the world. It houses everything from top-of-the line designer labels to more niche less-known brands – all of which are handpicked by Kubo himself. As of 2017, GR8 stocks designers such as Astrid Andersen, Rick Owens and Marcel Barlon, and a range collaborations such as the adidas Yeezy collection and Rihnana’s Fenty x PUMA line.
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