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[Fitteds] Hat Discussion Thread

Jan 09, 2008 @ 01:02
Since this is a discussion thread, what are yoour most sought after, and your most beloved fitteds? try and post pics...

the top 3 that i own:
3. Alife Bugged Fitted in blue

2. Patta X new era collab

1. Official Uni-akron ballistics fitted

Top 3 i lose sleep over:
3. New era X alife Frankenstein fitted

2. New era x ERIFFS Samurai fitted

1. and a tie for number 1:
10Deep X new era Murko sample fitted

Estate La X Active
Black Suede hat,gold stitiching only on the top bill as well as the active hit on the underbill,Black mesh button and under bill
thanks SF,EstateLA for teh pics

Whats the best Fitted you've seen from (whatever comapny) whether its an artist, or lifestlye company collab, or a brand release. (try not to be biased)?

and finally...

Are you the type of person to buy fitteds as accessories to your clothing? or do you collect fitteds since you're passionate about hats?
Jan 09, 2008 @ 11:38
^the Eriffs hat didn't come out yet... did it??? smh
Jan 10, 2008 @ 10:38
The Eriffs and Patta Collab are definetly on my want list.
Jan 10, 2008 @ 11:10
Question, I normally wear size 7 3/8. Would 7 1/2 run too big or just a little bit bigger. Too lazy to hit lids to find out.

Regards to favorite fitted.
Im very plain, I can rock classic NY Yankee fitted all day but i love my Atmos X New Era herringbone fitted.
Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:15

sizing chart...
the 7 1/2 shouldnt be all that much bigger, you could always get some damp paper towel, and wet the inner head band lightly, and wear it till it starts to "shrink" or fit.... or you could go the extreme route: get a spray bottle, turn it to mist, and mist your fitted till the whole hat is damp, not soaking wet... the wetter the worse (the longer youll have to wear it, and youll have to be more careful when drying it)

if its damp enough, the water will start to tighten up the wool. Youll have to wear it around the house long enough to start to take shape. i've done this on several of my fitteds, not 1 of them is ruined from going about this process.

important: when wetting your fitteds, please be careful of the brim, the brim will get extra flexible with the addition of water, so if you dont want a "curved" brim, dont touch it all that much while its drying... BUT keep in mind the brim will "warp" a lil bit. Since the head band, and brim sewn together, if one changes shape, the other one will. so your brim will start to take a natural shape, according to your head size, and cap size.

i do not suggest doing this on fitteds that are 2-3 sizes too big for your head, nor do it on fitteds too small for your head.. youll end up fucking up the hat.

ill try and post some pics of the hats i have fitted, and the hats that are still pretty fresh.

hope that helps you guys

ohh yeah almost forgot:
always check the tag on the inside of the fitted, usually sewn to the back inner head band. to see what material it is, if it'll shrink, or not...
Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:20
^the Eriffs hat didn't come out yet... did it??? smh

i asked falcon from strictly fitteds/ coat of armsNYC, when he thought theyd be released, he thought theyd come out this past november... dont think that happened tho...
Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:24
Don't you fucking hate it when your friends snatch your fitted right off the top of your head and start wearing it?That shit gets on my fucking nerves.My friends know nothing about hats and they'll just scrunch them up like its nothing.Get your own god damn hat bitch!
Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:33
^hell yea one of my boy got a huge ass head. He does that with my shades too!

Nisco..Thanks!! shit is a great chart.
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