Hello Hypebeast forum,

My name is Paul and I'm the Creative behind Lavish-Livez.  Lavish-Livez started out as a platform where I can share my photographs and document fashion and has grown into something I would have never thought.  LL is not necessarily a "brand", but more of creative projects I like to take on.  We started to create products maybe 6-7 months ago and we are already in Atmos & Ubiq and talking to other buyers in Asia as well.  

Our first creation was the Skullex Bracelet which was a hit and have become our "classical" piece and has been featured on TheFancy.com many times over!  We then moved on to exotic skin card cases using custom dyed python and lizard.  Our latest project is our LAV snapbacks and done at the same place they produce all the other and popular hats you see on artists now-a-days.  We care about quality more than anything, we have a production manager who does this for a living at a very high end brand and has helped us from the beginning.  We buy, handmake and or produce everything here in the United States of America, even our packaging.  Our leather pieces are done by hand by the same people who produce for Alexander Wang, Public School and of the likes.

Lavish-Livez does not create things by the seasons, not yet at least, but instead release products whenever we feel something is ready.

Above is our "lookbook" video campaign I shot and edited myself and the instrumental was custom made to match with the video by our friend, Fiberoptics.

Below you will see some of our pieces, please let us know what you think.  

Thank you


@lavishlivez (instagram/twitter)
All images below and video above were created by Paul Chin of Lavish-Livez.com